Hugo Santos
Hello, my name is Hugo Santos, I come from the Madeira Islands and I'm thirty years old. First and foremost, it can be said that one of my finest strengths is patience. I am a very patient person, which is paramount for a stable performance and a calmer way of life, both in the music world and outside of it. I am also an extremely sociable person and I usually thrive in new environments and challenging situations, facing each and every occasion with a big smile on my face.

At the age of six I started my musical studies, with my father, who was a conductor, composer conductor, and music teacher. At the age of ten years, I applied to the Conservatorium – School of Arts, on Trombone and Piano. During the eight years course, I performed on solo recitals, chamber recitals, and played on the Madeira Conservatorium Orchestra. My first performance in a professional orchestra was at the age of eighteen, as second trombone player in the Madeira Classic Orchestra. Also I participated in some international music competitions, and won the 1st prize on Trombone solo and Trombone Quartet at The International Competition of Young Performers in Madeira. After some years, I started my bachelor degree with twenty five years old, at School of Applied Arts de Castelo Bronco, on Music (Trombone). There, I also played at ESART Symphonic Orchestra. I Studied with teacher Alexandre Vilela for three years. Presently, I just finished my first year on my Master on Trombone, at Koninklijk Conservatorium, with Pete Saunders, Brandt Attema and Tim Downing.

One of the main reasons behind my interest in Ricciotti Ensemble is my eagerness to experience and establish contacts with new musicians from all around the world and to share cultures, ideas and diverse points of views. I also wish to learn from my new colleagues, trying to help them in any way.
However, I believe that the most important aspect involved when music is concerned, consists in playing with feeling and letting your emotions flow with the stream of sounds.