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The Ricciotti ensemble is the most socially involved orchestra in The Netherlands. As a member you will visit places like a prison or an asylum centre, meet the like-minded or people that hardly know what a violin looks like. You will learn different styles of music, how to present yourself on stage and you will get the unique chance to develop yourself artistically and socially. On top of that, your organising skills will get a boost.
We tour three times a year, almost always during the school holidays. To participate, there needs to be a position available and you need to audition.
A couple of months before each tour, the available positions will be published on this audition page. We will email you the compulsory pieces and we expect you to prepare a solo piece of approximately 5 minutes.
Note that there will be no piano available during the auditions.

Summertour 2019
Various positions are available for the upcoming 2019 summertour. If there will be more positions available we will mention this a.s.a.p. on the website. Are you interested? Sign up via the audition form at the bottom of the page.

Performance at the DOA on Januari 7th 2018

Wout Nooitgedagt
Available Positions
Audition Dates

Data 2019
Write the tour dates and audit dates in your calendar:

Auditions Summer tour: June 1 and 2
Summer tour 2019: 22 July to 10 August *

Auditions Autumn tour 2019: 6 to 8 September
Autumn tour 2019: 23 October to 2 November *

  • tour dates include rehearsal period

The Ricciotti ensemble is an orchestra for music students and non-professional musicians The average age of the members is about 22, the minimum age is 18 and the maximum age to audition is 30.
Are you interested but don’t see your instrument here or are you unavailable to participate in the next tour? Leave your contact information anyway and we will inform you of future auditions. Mail to

Tour dates below include rehearsal period

Upcoming Tours
22 Jul till 10 Aug ’19
23 Oct till 2 Nov ’19
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