Sander Borst
I am Sander Borst, 21, and I play bassoon in the Ricciotti ensemble since this spring. When, after my 3rd swim certificate, my parents allowed me to choose a hobby, the choice was easy: piano accordion! At that time, I was very impressed with my music teacher at primary school, who played piano accordion during class. After 4 years of playing piano accordion, I wanted to play in an orchestra. That was a little difficult with piano accordion, so I started paying close attention during my sister’s concerts to which instrument I would like to play. I loved the bassoon: a large instrument of shining wood with silver keys, that could sing and purr.

One meeting with the enthusiastic bassoon teacher at the music school and I was convinced. Since then, I have played in more than 15 different orchestras, from youth orchestras to student orchestras. I wanted to go the conservatory, but felt it was too big a step. In my second year of mechanical engineering in Delft I, to try it out, started a preparatory year at the Conservatory of Amsterdam after all. Consequently, this year I also started studying bassoon in Amsterdam. The beauty of Ricciotti is that it gets to the core in its performances: bringing music to whoever wants to hear it. No fancy concert halls, no expensive tickets, no fuss. That’s very special.
Fotograaf: Ruud Hoogeboom