Dorus van den Boomen
My name is Dorus van den Boomen, I am 24 years old and I can, since recently, call myself a “professional” classroom music teacher. I studied this for 4 years at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I decided to study music education instead of clarinet because I couldn’t limit myself to one instrument and one music genre. Therefore, I play 9 instruments, from clarinet to contra bass, from classical to klezmer and all sorts in between. I’ve also discovered arranging, composing, and conducting the past few years. With this versatility I was entirely at home in music education, but also in the Ricciotti ensemble.
The opportunity to play so many different sorts of music in so many different locations for so many different people with a group of such lovely people, is an enormous privilege to me. Ricciotti shows like no other ensemble can what music does for a person (musician or listener). You’ll never be able to get me to leave here!