Abriël Feirrera
My name is Abriël and I’m 29. My father had an old dented trumpet lying around, and as a child I loved making crazy cow sounds with it. When I was 10 and had to choose an instrument for wind band, I decided to start trumpet.

I always loved music, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a career out of it. After 4 years of study and another 4 years in the business life in the US, it was clear that music was my calling after all, and I returned to the Netherlands to study jazz trumpet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Music can transport people. By playing music everywhere and for everyone Ricciotti breaks with the expectations and traditions that are associated with a symphony orchestra. I also think it’s important that we play diverse musical styles at a high level of quality. You never know what might touch someone – it might be a beautiful romantic violin line, or a pop song, or a modern soundscape. Ricciotti combines everything that is beautiful and fun about music, and I’m very happy that I play in it!