Matthijs Weskin
My name is Matthijs Weskin, 29 years old, and this year for the first time with Ricciotti on tour. In my daily life, after studying electrical engineering at TU Delft, I started working as an engineer. I enjoy combining that with my own company in light / sound and event technology.
20 years ago I started as a little boy on the flute, the first youth orchestra soon followed: Viotta, The Hague. In the years that followed, I wanted to make more music with other people and ended up with many other orchestras. In addition to the flute, 1 other instrument attracted me all my life: hard, soft, high, low, ripping, sultry, classical, jazz, shiny, radiant, simply: versatile and beautiful. The trumpet!
The best thing about making music is playing together and rising above the music together to take the audience on a musical adventure. What attracts me in Ricciotti is that there is a even more to it: Ricciotti takes music to places where it does not take itself. This makes the musical adventure even more extensive and magical, for the audience and musician!