Viool 1 (CM)
Saskia Peters
My name is Saskia Peters and at this moment I am 21 years old. Seven years ago, I was lying on the rug in my room, listening to the American String Quartet (op. 96) by Antonin Dvorâk, my favourite composer. The piece, and especially the second movement, touched me so much that from that moment onwards, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to make music. I haven’t regretted the decision up till now, fortunately. I discovered that I love playing in orchestras, so I played with the Noord-Hollands Jeugd Orkest, the Nederlands Jeugd Strijkorkest, and have in the meantime become the proud concert master of the Ricciotti ensemble. During my studies at the Utrecht conservatory with Chris Duindam and Elisabeth Perry, I noticed that I couldn’t achieve the sound that I wanted to with my violin. I was allowed to choose the beautiful violin, built by Pierre Hel, thanks to the NMF, and I play on it every day with great pleasure.