Viool 2
Baukje Beers

My name is Baukje Beers and I have been playing the violin for more than 15 years. I started to love the instrument as a small child, even when I couldn't play a note pure. Almost my entire family plays an instrument, and because my sister and mother were already playing the violin at that time, the choice was quickly made. Then I already liked showing off in front of an audience and the family!

I played in orchestras at a young age, and the more I learned the better I liked it. During my veterinary medicine study, I therefore decided to play at the USC, with which I have now also been able to play twice in the concert hall. Now it's time for my newest challenge, and that's the Ricciotti ensemble.

And why the Ricciotti? The atmosphere and the small scale of the group appealed to me. The USC is of course a mega orchestra, but in the Ricciotti you will not be overlooked. I look forward to spontaneous musical expressions and playing in the weirdest places. Touching people with my music is what I find the most special. I once made people cry when I sang, and you'll never forget a moment like that. Together with this great ensemble I hope to inspire people and let them enjoy the music, just as much as I can enjoy beautiful notes and those beautiful instruments.