Viool 2
Eva Scheltema
My name is Eva Scheltema and I am 24 years old. When I was six years old, I was allowed to hold a violin for the first time and have not let go since. A few years later I played with great enthusiasm in the JON, at Woudschoten Music Camp and during my study Social Psychology also in the NSO and the Sweelinck orchestra.

Yet I found my true love in music during my university exchange in South Africa. That is where I first came into contact with jazz and improvisation and this has stolen my heart from the very first moment.

Now two years later I work as a musician, I write my own music and improvise in jazz and electronic music with singing and violin. I do this, among other things, with my electronic live band called Dialoque and with the Young Metropole / Metropole Academies. In addition, I have just started a solo project where I combine live electronics with vocals and violins. It is a challenge for me to look for new sounds and styles with my violin. That's why I am really looking forward to my first project at the Ricciotti! I have heard a lot about how the view on music has changed for old-Ricciotti members so I think that the Ricciotti, with its unique story and music background, will also inspire me enormously!