Viool 2
Rosa Verkerke
My name is Rosa Verkerke and I studied Russian Studies at the University of Leiden. Even though I’m not a performance major, music plays an important role in my life. I actually made my choice of study due to my passion for Russian music. In the meantime, I’ve already been playing violin with the Ricciotti ensemble for five years with great pleasure. What I love about Ricciotti is the varying repertoire and diverse audiences. I always have to laugh at a group of cool teens, who don’t want to admit they’re actually really enjoying a classical symphony, to give an example.

My Ricciotti highlight up till now would have to be in the “Koepelgevangenis” (Dome Prison) in Haarlem, which then served as emergency shelter for Syrian refugees. Many men were so undone by all of the emotion that the music released in them, that they burst into tears. I would feel safe to bet that the Figaro Overture by Mozart has never received such a thunderous applause.