The Ricciotti is going to Cuba, will you help us?
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Have you heard? The Ricciotti goes on an adventure to Cuba! As the first Dutch symphony orchestra ever, between 10 and 19 November 2018 we will visit this unique country with a rich musical tradition and play more than 20 gigs for and with the Cuban people in 7 (playing) days.

Why go to Cuba? The country lives for the music, just like the Ricciotti, we really want to tour together with the Cuban-Dutch jazz pianist Ramón Valle and ... Ricciotti likes to go to places where a symphony orchestra does not come soon. Symphonic music on the street? Yes, the Cubans will also be surprised!

We have not yet all the money to cover the tour. We would like to ask you if you want Ricciotti support with a financial contribution. Big or small, we are happy with everything!
As a thank you we will invite you in December for a swinging Cuban reunion with film screening, live music and of course Cuban snacks and drinks.


Collection action
Ricciotti also organizes a collection campaign especially for all young Cuban musicians we will meet there. This time it's not about money, but about reeds, strings, maintenance materials for all kinds of instruments and even sheet music.
Due to the political situation on the island and the American trade embargo, such items aren’t easy to be obtained. We want to surprise all those musicians by arriving in Havana with boxes full of musical equipment. Do you have stuff that you can and want to miss? Or do you have golden contacts with suppliers and are you tempted to sponsor them? Send an email to to discuss the practical matters and opportunities.

Many thanks for your support!

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