Ricciotti niet normaal!

Ricciotti niet normaal! (extraordinary!)

This summer, the Ricciotti ensemble accepted the challenge to bring symphonic music to places it normally doesn’t sound. The new ordinary? Extraordinary! Even though Ricciotti is used to performing on unusual locations and in challenging positions, we also face the issue of ‘the new ordinary’. During Ricciottis Composition Contest and Ensembles on a bike, the Ricciotti tries to find the space within the preconditions. That is truly extraordinary!

Ensembles on a bike
Normally it’s already quite a challenge to position the entire ensemble on a specific location, but with 1.5 meter distance it is truly an experiment. Because we still want to play our music everywhere and for everyone, Ricciotti is divided into groups of eleven people, so we can still play in the courtyards of social institutions. We visit the people who have already been closed off from public life for a long time. And we visit them on a bicycle!

Ricciottis Composition Contest
In Ricciottis Composition Contest we challenged composers to write a composition for an orchestra with musicians playing a meter and a half away from each other. How does an orchestra sound when the musicians have to keep this distance of 1.5 meter? Which possibilities arise with another environmental positioning of both conductor and musicians? Composers (professionals, students or amateurs) have been given the opportunity to write a composition with an environmental plan. For the contest, we tour along open air theatres throughout The Netherlands. During the finale, the winner will be chosen out of three finalists. In the open air, and with professional panel of judges led by Daan Manneke, broadcasted on a livestream.

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