Tour Andaluz: about to start!

It's almost time for our long awaited Tour Andaluz! We'll start this tour on Sunday 23 October with two days of performances in the Netherlands, mostly in Amsterdam. After that we'll travel to the sunny South of Spain: Andalusia! Together with soloist mezzo-soprano Karin Strobos we'll continue our mission to play live symphonic music for everyone, everywhere: at asylum centers, schools, social institutions, but also on the streets and many other locations. Andalusia holds a rich history in which a diversity of religions and cultures mixed together and created an interesting music culture. We'd like to share this music culture with many people. Especially with those who normally don't get to experience live symphonic music. In het bijzonder diegenen die normaal gesproken niet in aanraking komen met live symfonische muziek, om hen zo een hart onder de riem te steken en een mooie dag te bezorgen. Klik hier voor meer informatie en een overzicht van alle speeldata en locaties. Kom je ook?

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