Ricciotti's Duivelstoer

28 Oct till 2 Nov ’19
©Wout Nooitgedagt

This tour will introduce you to devilish good music. Do not expect a sinister, dark performance. With optimism and cheerfulness we dispel every evil spirit. The program features "diabolic" music from, among others, Vivaldi, Elvis Presley and Piazzolla. Guest soloist Lonneke van Straalen plays virtuoso violin repertoire by Paganini and Saint-Saëns.

We live in a world where evil seems to be gaining ground. Nationalist feelings are emerging worldwide and world leaders seem to lack a moral compass. But are these phenomena not something of all times? The good shines thanks to the evil, that has always been the case. Over the centuries, composers have incorporated devils, demons and evil spirits into their music in order to ultimately be able to overcome the good.

These age-old signs of evil are central during Ricciotti’s Devil's Tour. Not to worship the bad, but to proclaim the cheerful message that it can all be done differently and better.


Arrangeerwedstrijd 2019

2 Nov ’19

For the sixth time, the Ricciotti ensemble is having an open orchestration competition. A unique competition in The Netherlands.
Participants will arrange the music of a originally Dutch children's song, for Ricciotti's Devil Tour. This tour focuses on how our world is permeated with evil at all times, as a counterpart to good. Arrange the song in a way that it loses its innocence, for the full line-up of the Ricciotti ensemble.

The three top arrangements will be played several times in Ricciotti’s Duivelstour (autumn 2019). All winners will receive a great prize. The 1st prize is €1500, the 2nd prize is €1000 and the 3rd prize is €750.



1 till 12 Apr ’20