Ricciotti’s Orchestration Competition 201814 Apr ’18

Alisdair Pickering wins the first prize during Ricciotti's Great Arrangement Competition 2018

Winner Ricciotti’s Great Arrangement Competition announced!

Alisdair Pickering creates best symphonic Commodore64 tune

During the final performance of Ricciotti’s Gametour on Saturday April 14th the winner of Ricciotti’s Great Arrangement Competition was announced. With his arrangement of the music from the videogame Overlord, Alisdair Pickering won the first prize and with that, a cheque worth €1.500,-.
The jury for the competition were chairman Bob Zimmerman (arranger/composer), Jeroen Tel (Game composer Commodore64) and Leonard Evers (composer/conductor Ricciotti). The audience prize went to Vera van der Bie with 60% of the casted votes.

During the preliminary round the jury chose three finalists from the great amount of submissions. The arrangements from the three finalists, Vera van der Bie, Hinse Mutter and Alisdair Pickering were performed during the final performance in the Amstelkerk Amsterdam by the Ricciotti ensemble. All contestants chose a game composition for the Commodore64 by Jeroen Tell. The finalists used either music from the game Overlord or Savage.
About the best arrangement – Pickering’s take on Overlord – the jury commented:

Alisdair was able to orchestrate Jeroen Tel’s music beautifully and showed a great sense for colour, structure and creativity. His arrangement included all components for a great orchestral piece

Alisdair Pickering (born in the United Kingdom, currently studying arranging and composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam AHK) commented on his victory shortly after the announcement:

Even though I realised I created a proper arrangement and was quite satisfied, I couldn’t have hoped for this result. I’m extremely happy with the final result!

The second prize (€1.000,-) went to Vera van der Bie with her interpretation on Overlord, which led to Overlord Tango. The third prize (€750,-) went to Hinse Mutter, who used the music of the game Savage.

Previous winners of Ricciotti’s Great Arrangement Competition went to Thomas Beijer, Bert Pfeiffer and Damiano Pascarelli.

Finalists Ricciotti’s Orchestration Competition 2018 !

In recent months, the arrangers have worked hard on their arrangement of Jeroen Tel's music for the Commodore64. The jury, consisting of Bob Zimmerman, Jeroen Tel and Leonard Evers, has watched and listened to all arrangements with great pleasure. 3 finalists have been chosen from all entries.
The finalists are (in alphabetical order): Vera van der Bie, Hinse Mutter and Alisdair Pickering.
Vera and Alisdair both made arrangements for the music at Overlord. Hinse has arranged the music of Savage.

The Ricciotti will play the three finals during the final on Saturday, April 14, at 7:30 pm at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam. Then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and the public award will be awarded. Everybody is welcome!

For the fifth time, the Ricciotti ensemble is having an open orchestration competition. A unique competition in The Netherlands.

Participants will arrange Jeroen Tel's music, originally composed for the Commodore64 and Nintendo gamecomputers, for the entire Ricciotti ensemble.
The three top arrangements will be played several times in Ricciotti’s Gaming Tour (spring 2018). All winners will receive a great prize. The 1st prize is €1500, the 2nd prize is €1000 and the 3rd prize is €750.
The finale will be held on Saturday the 14th of April 2018, at 19.30h in Amsterdam. All winners will receive a great prize.

Registration is possible for all participants living in the Netherlands. De deadline for the application is February 15th, 2018.
Your arrangement will have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 minutes. The instrumentation of the Ricciotti ensemble is as follows:

• 2 flutes (optional 1 piccolo)
• 2 oboes
• 2 clarinets (in B flat)
• 2 bassoons
• 2 horns in F
• 2 trumpets in B flat
• 1 trombone
• 1 percussion (drum set/glockenspiel/2 rototoms/small percussion)
• 8 1st violins
• 6 2nd violins
• 4 violas
• 4 celli
• 3 double bass (optional 1 jazzbass/bass guitar)

Compositions and applications
The compositions of Jeroen Tel that you can choose from you can find: here.

The application form can be found at the bottom of this page
For more information, send your email to

Meet Jeroen Tel
C64 music : Rubicon (intro) by Jeroen Tel
C64 music : Tomcat by Jeroen Tel
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  2. 14 AprRicciotti’s Orchestration Competition 2018
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  4. 19:30 → 21:30Ricciotti ensemble,
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