Eleanor Williams
I started playing Double Bass at the age of 11 and loved playing it! I auditioned and got into what is now known as the City of Edinburgh Music School 6 months later and then played as Principal Bassist for all the City and Regional Orchestras. I played with the National Youth Orchestra (and Jazz Orchestra) of Scotland from the age of 14 and helped play for many Scottish University Ensembles and Orchestras. By the time I was 16 I had played concerts in 15 different countries and had been working with Music Theatre companies in professional productions for over 3 years. Since those school days I have continued to freelance and have made a number of minor recordings for folk and pop groups in Scotland. I was delighted to take the opportunity to play with the Ricciotti Ensemble after a 4 year break to start a family. I have found their approach to music refreshingly fun and it’s a pleasure to work with so many talented and dedicated musicians!